River Resources

FRLP believes if we do not protect the Shenandoah River, and our natural resources, what will we have left that is worth protecting? How often do we all recreate, swim, canoe, and fish in our river? Its' supply of fresh water literally provides life to our community and yet we continue to develop in ways that we know can be greatly improved? How important is it to do a better job protecting this community asset?    

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Town Code(s)

“Joe Duggan stated… He had great concerns about the environmental issues with the subdivision ordinance as proposed… He noted that the new standards as presented by the Town would prevent other developers from coming to this locality. He stated that the watershed community created a scoring system that rated municipalities for their environmental impacts, and he explained the various scores of Front Royal.” 

-  Joe Duggan, Town Council Meeting (Minutes), Public Hearing on Ch. 148, February 23, 2015